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Do you want your child to THRIVE, and not just ‘cope’?
You are not alone.

Every child is unique, and therefore every child has unique needs. But what if your school starter’s subtle differences sets them apart from their peers?

As your child prepares to start school, are you worried about:

  • How your anxious child will manage at ‘big school’?
  • How teachers will handle your child’s emotional or behavioural vulnerabilities?
  • The effect your complex family could have on your child’s education?
  • The impact of child’s learning, social or sensory processing challenges?
  • Your unfamiliarity with Australian schools and where you fit in?

Take heart, because School Ready is the ‘sensitive’ school readiness guide you’ve been looking for.

Get School Ready

For every copy of School Ready sold through this website, one disadvantaged child and their family will receive access to life-saving clean water through Kids First Children’s Services #therapists-for-good initiative

Filled with practical advice, strategies, resources and templates for parents and teachers of children with unique needs, Sonja Walker’s best-selling book School Ready offers commonsense strategies to help your child (and you!) make a happy, successful start to primary school.

School Ready will equip you to:

  • Make informed decisions that will be in your child’s best interests
  • Build strong, positive relationships with teachers and other parents
  • Collaborate with the school community to ensure your child succeeds
  • Help your child have confidence in their classroom and playground
  • Become a champion for your child so that your voice is heard at school.

What the experts are saying about
School Ready

"… one of the most comprehensive books ever written for parents”

Maggie Dent
Author and Parenting Educator

 “WOW! This is one of the most comprehensive books ever written for parents who have children transitioning to big school… Absolutely packed with brilliant practical suggestions to help all children shine in their own way… I will have no hesitation recommending this book for parents making decisions to transition their precious children to the world of school.”

"...incredibly practical "

Dr. Kristy Goodwin
Digital health and wellbeing speaker researcher, author, and mum

“Sonja has written an incredibly practical book about a concern most parents wrestle with: ensuring their child is ready for school. This is an issue that confronts most parents before their child starts school, but is most certainly amplified for families with children with unique needs… This is a must-read for all parents and early childhood educators embarking on the journey of preparing children for school.”

"… one of the most comprehensive books ever written for parents”

Caroline de Fina
Child psychologist Founder, Best Start Clinic

“For years, I’ve been looking for a high quality school readiness resource to share with parents of sensitive children, and from now on, this excellent book will be the one that I recommend to all of the families I work with. School Ready is an invaluable tool to guide parents through the important and stressful time of school selection and transition…The wisdom and guidance Sonja Walker shares in School Ready is essential reading for parents and professionals alike.”

"...deals with the realities of choosing a school"

Henrietta Stathopoulos
Education Officer – Drama Sydney Catholic Schools Performing Arts

“Here is a book that deals with the realities of choosing a school. It demystifies the sometimes ‘secret school business processes’ that cloud our decision making and shows parents how we can best navigate the sometimes daunting road of education for our children… An accessible book for any parent but also any school that wants to ensure they provide the best for their yearly intake of new students”

"A thoroughly enjoyable, informative and practical read"

Tracey Nicholls
Primary Teacher

“As a mother of 3, all with unique needs of their own, and a primary teacher of 30 years, I can relate to this sensitive and realistic book. Sonja Walker has thoroughly covered the many aspects and concerns about your child starting school from a parents’ point of view. She has given suggestions of how to deal with so many situations in a humorous, sensible and practical way. Personal and professional anecdotes throughout the book add a personal and very real touch to what can be a traumatic and deeply stressful time of life for all parents, and especially for those with sensitive and unique needs. A thoroughly enjoyable, informative and practical read. I wholeheartedly recommend this book to any parent of a child that is starting school.”